Trader Joe's Skincare: What I've Tried

Cruelty-free beauty and skincare is now available at every price point, which is amazing, because it makes it more accessible. When I decided to go full cruelty-free with my beauty, skincare and other body products, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of my favorite brands were already cruelty-free. Among those favorite skincare brands? Trader Joe’s!

Ask A Queer: Kristian House

Today’s queer is Kristian [pronounced like “Kristen”] House, a 24-year-old woman living in Fresno, California. She is currently working as a Communication Coordinator for a local non-profit that is focused on improving the health of her community. When she’s not working, she loves to read, write, and take photos. Kristian runs a small photography business on the side and frequently photographs events or portraits. Her ultimate goal is to be a published author and to have the opportunity to interview people she admire.

How Make Muse Is Inspiring Young Women

Make Muse is a publication that exists online, but is still creating physical copies of a magazine. And of all the content I could read in print, the content produced by Make Muse is some of the most worthy of my time. It’s all genuine and free of clickbait-y hyperbole.

Make Muse describes itself as a “newspaper-meets-literary-mag creating intelligent media for the smart young women of today.” The publication is female-focused in the inclusive sense of the term: it caters to cis women as well as trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified. The content in both the magazine and on the website aims to inspire people to change and question gender-based societal standards, highlight varied experiences and voices, and share real stories.

What To Watch: Holiday Cheer

I’m a purist and a romantic when it comes to holiday movies. I’ve loved the same movies since I was a child and have not grown out of any of the animated classics. Even if I’ve seen these movies dozens of times, I alway re-watch them when the holiday season comes around.

Ask A Queer: Lydia Rogue

Today’s queer is Lydia Rogue. Lydia resides in Portland, Oregon and is currently a freelance writer. They just come out with a book, True Trans Bike Rebel, which is a collection of essays from trans and nonbinary people who use human-powered transportation, and are currently reading and editing submissions for an anthology of feminist bicycling science fiction that’s written by trans or nonbinary people. Lydia and her girlfriend are the proud owners of three rats.