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Trader Joe's Skincare: What I've Tried

Cruelty-free beauty and skincare is now available at every price point, which is amazing, because it makes it more accessible. When I decided to go full cruelty-free with my beauty, skincare and other body products, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of my favorite brands were already cruelty-free. Among those favorite skincare brands? Trader Joe’s!

My Glossier Favorites

Glossier. The brand (literally) on everyone’s lips. It didn’t take me long to catch onto the hype and buy the Generation G lipstick. I’ll admit it, I wanted to have the “effortless, makeup-free” look all the Glossier models sport.

How I Keep My Purple Hair Vibrant

After years of scrolling through Pinterest and Halsey’s Instagram, I finally decided to do something about my colored hair envy in February. I was planning to go full purple and chickened out, but I’m really happy with what I landed on: purple ends, blended up about half way into my hair.