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What To Watch: Holiday Cheer

I’m a purist and a romantic when it comes to holiday movies. I’ve loved the same movies since I was a child and have not grown out of any of the animated classics. Even if I’ve seen these movies dozens of times, I alway re-watch them when the holiday season comes around.

What To Watch: Spooky Fall Vibes

Fall is not my favorite season for a few reasons, but especially because the weather starts to turn cold. However, I love how cold weather allows us to cuddle up inside and watch movies, instead of going out into the world to be functioning adults. When it comes to fall, my favorite part is Halloween and how everyone gets very into death/creepy stuff/paranormal activity. That stuff is my shit year-round.

Shonda Taught Me How To Say "Yes"

Recently, I read a book that inspired me to get out of my comfort zone more. Shonda Rhimes’ “Year of Yes,” struck a chord with me immediately. I related to how Shonda characterizes herself - an introvert who prefers to stay in her comfort zone. Through her year of yes, Shonda learned to let go and live her life to the fullest, instead of retreating back into her shell.

What To Watch: True Crime

True crime is one of my favorite genres despite how tragic and upsetting it can be. I’m not sure why, but I really gravitate towards true crime stories. I like to read about it and listen to podcasts, but there’s something about a documentary that really brings the story to life.