19 LGBTQ+ Influencers/Bloggers You Should Follow

One of the reasons I like to be so out and proud on social media is because I feel like the lifestyle blogging/influencer space is extremely heterosexual. When I was younger, I was obsessed with fashion blogs, and if any of those bloggers had been queer, it would have been really exciting representation for me to see.

Check out these bloggers/influencers/content creators who are proud of their identities and aren’t afraid to show it. This list has some people who have smaller numbers and aren’t as well known, because I think everyone should know them, and a few of my favorite bigger names you may already know. And you should follow some of these people even if you aren’t queer! It’s important for social feeds to present a variety of viewpoints. In my opinion, if everyone on your feed looks and acts the same, you’re doing it wrong and not getting enough out of your experience on social media.

There are so many amazing queer people on Instagram, so these are just some of my favorites that I follow that I think deserve more attention (I’m also nervous that I maybe forgot a lot of people, but this list sadly couldn’t be endless). I follow queer people who don’t mention it much, which is totally fine (everyone has a different comfort level), but these are mostly accounts of people who make their queerness a focus with their content/discuss it pretty actively. Also, almost all of these accounts are women or nonbinary people, because that’s who I tend to follow. But I’m always looking for more queers to follow of any gender identity!

Em Gray // @msemgray

Em is the sweetest person ever with some of the best vintage style content on Instagram, in my opinion. Her photos are so dreamy and cute! She even co-owns vintage shop online, Haute Trash. Along with thrifting and sustainable fashion content, she also posts about queer issues and mental health. Em uses her stories to lift up bloggers of color and amplify their voices, which I think is amazing and I’m trying to get better at.

Alice Tsui // @lemoniceslushie

Okay, I’m biased, because Alice is one of my best friends and my former housemate [and I interviewed her for ‘Ask A Queer’]. But she’s a great person follow for queer stuff - she’s even modeled for the HER app! As a filmmaker, photographer and model, she does a lot of queer shots and is very into the Los Angeles queer scene. And she also posts cute dog photos she takes and an interesting perspective on being an Asian woman in the entertainment industry. (in the below photo, Alice is second from the left)

Ilana Silver // @ilanasilver

I just started following Ilana the other day when I was looking for more queer accounts to follow, and I already love her! If you want to see some wedding goals, check out her photos from when she and her wife got married. Her posts are all just general lifestyle and lost of queer stuff, which is all I needed to know in order to hit follow.

Lydia Okello // @styleisstyle

I love seeing queer fashion accounts, because queer style is something that really intrigues me. I think gender identity and sexuality add a lot of nuance to style, which definitely see in Lydia’s content. She has a great sense of style and uses “#tombabe” for a lot of her posts, which is such a great term and very queer (in my opinion). As a model and stylist, Lydia has both fun outfit posts and really cool editorial shots on her feed. And she’s a curvy POC, which is the kind of person I’m trying to follow more of. I’m obsessed.

Cassie & Alexa // @twofemmegems

There are a lot of queer female couple accounts on Instagram, but most of them have the same aesthetic. Cassie and Alexa are the opposite of that aesthetic - bright, colorful, and down-to-earth. They’re in a long-distance relationship, so their posts talk honestly about what it’s like to have a partner you love that lives across the country, which I think anyone could find insightful.

Sol Mora // @lgbtqsol

I started following Sol a few months ago and I’m in love with her! She is a queer Latinx college student who is incredibly authentic and very open about relationships, sex, body image, and a lot of other topics most people avoid. Sol also has a lot of awesome fashion content - her sense of style is dope.

Brianne Huntsman // @the_huntswoman

I originally started following Brianne on Twitter, but I love her Instagram too. She’s a fashion designer and blogs about fashion and style, as well as queer issues and business advice for influencers, bloggers, and more. Her fashion content, both when it comes to other brands and her own work, centers around plus size fashion and making the industry more inclusive. Brianne is genuine and thoughtful and I learn from every post she makes.

Kayley Hyde // @kayleyhyde

Kayley is a Youtuber and makes videos about Disney, travel, books, and other lifestyle things. She and her girlfriend (Kristyn, who also has a cute Instagram account) are super cute and I love how aesthetically pleasing her Instagram is!

Maggie McGill // @maggiemcgill

Maggie is one of my favorites on Instagram right now - I’m obsessed with them. Maggie is non-binary and their content focuses around body liberation, fat fashion, queer issues, and a love of pop culture and Halloween. They share posts from other non-binary and fat bloggers on their story, so I get exposed to the sort of accounts Instagram doesn’t promote. Maggie also has a Youtube channel with a lot of vlogs and plus size fashion videos.

Trinity Bree // @trinitytaylorbree

Trinity is an androgynous trans nonbinary model who is absolutely stunning. I can bet your feed is missing some nonbinary excellence, and if you follow them, it won’t be anymore.

Lydia Hudgens // @lydiahudgens

Lydia is a photographer and fashion content creator in NYC. Her sense of style is very sophisticated streetwear and I get a lot of fashion inspiration from her. All of her photos are crisp, clean, and look like they could be in a magazine. She discusses challenges in plus size fashion often as well.

Kendall Chase // @chasingkendall

I love Kendall’s laid back, casual California style. She has a great eye for fashion and her lifestyle and travel content is just as aesthetically pleasing. She’s definitely one of those people who mixes trends with a specific kind of style that makes her unique. Kendall doesn’t post queer activism content as much as some of the others on this list, but she does post about her life with her long-term girlfriend all the time and makes being a queer woman a very casual part of her lifestyle blogging life. I love that because it’s the exact kind of thing I wish I’d seen more of when I was younger. Just a rad, fashionable woman who is also queer.

Kate Austin // @kateaustinn

Kate is a queer woman living in Philadelphia with her girlfriend. She discusses a lot of queer issues with her posts, including what it’s like to have a family that doesn’t support her identity or relationship. She also shares travel and vegan lifestyle content on her account.

Pattiegonia // @pattiegonia

I’m sure you’ve seen Pattie, even if you didn’t realize who they were. This account kind of blew up overnight a few months ago - Pattiegonia is the alter ego of a photographer Wyn, who has a passion for nature and LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Nicolette Mason // @nicolettemason

Nicolette is a fashion designer, blogger, fashion writer and creative consultant. She a co-owner of the size-inclusive brand Premme, which centers on plus-size women and carries sizes 12-30. Nicolette’s account centers on plus-size fashion and feminism.

Raffinee // @raffinee

Raffinee and her wife Micaela have three toddlers and blog about their lives as an LGBTQ+ family. Their account talks about queer issues, raising children, veganism and travel. The kiddos are so cute and I dare you not to fall in love with this family!

Jazzmyne Robbins // @jazzmynejay & @asos_jazzmyne

Jazzmyne is on the Buzzfeed As/Is team and you’ve probably seen her in a Buzzfeed video. She is also part of the Asos Insider program and posts a ton of fashion content, as well as lifestyle and queer stuff. I love Jazzmyne’s personality and wildly unique sense of style - she is a true example of someone who is not afraid to be the boldest version of themself and it inspires me.

Cammie Scott // @cammiescott

Most queer young women on Instagram know who Cammie is, but if you don’t, she’s a fun person to follow. She posts a fair amount of queer content, but mostly focuses on fashion and lifestyle. She’s a Youtuber and originally gained her following on that platform, where she also shares a lot of queer content, like videos about being a femme lesbian.

Shannon Beveridge // @nowthisisliving

Shannon is a Youtuber and photographer, and originally gained her following on Youtube when she and Cammie Scott were dating and had a joint channel. Recently, she was featured in H&M’s 2019 Pride campaign with Laverne Cox. Shannon’s instagram content is very down-to-earth - mostly selfies. She also has an account for her photography and video projects, like music videos and film photography. Also, it’s 97% confirmed that she’s been dating pop singer Fletcher for a few years, and I love them together.

Who are some of your favorite queer content creators?