6 Easy Ways To Be More Sustainable

(image taken from the    Baggu    website)

(image taken from the Baggu website)

Sustainability is a major buzzword right now, which is great, because when something becomes more trendy, it often becomes a bit more accessible. You can find reusable versions of almost any product in any color, pattern or size you want. Which is awesome! We should all be reusing, reducing waste and recycling. There are so many small things I was doing that I didn’t realize were wasteful until I started looking more into the sustainability movement.

Want to be more sustainable, but not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favorite easy ways to do it:

1.Always carry a water bottle! I never leave the house without my Hydro Flask or my Ban.do tumbler. A big trend a few months ago was carrying around stainless steel straws in your purse, but you know what’s even better? Having a vessel for your drink so you don’t have to waste the cup or the straw! Beautiful. If you hit up Starbucks or another coffee establishment every morning, you can also have a reusable mug/thermos so when you make your coffee run, you don’t have to waste a cup. Just keep a clean one in your car or work bag. I walk down to a coffee shop to get hot chocolate every once and a while when I’m at work, and I bring a classic mug with me every time.

2. Buy some reusable shopping bags. I keep a few Trader Joe’s reusable grocery bags in my car trunk so I can’t forget them when I go to the grocery store. I also like to keep at least one fold-up tote, like the ones from Baggu, in my purse at all times. You can buy these anywhere - the drugstore, the dollar store, places like The Container Store (please sponsor me, Container Store), you name it. In San Francisco, almost everywhere charges for a bag, so this often not only saves a bag, but it saves me 10 cents.

3. Get multi-use food containers. I don’t remember the last time I used a plastic baggie - I’m a full Stashers convert now. I’ve also been using reusable glass food containers like these Pyrex ones for years, both in the fridge and when I pack my lunch for work. Packing your lunch for work saves money and is more sustainable anyway, so take it to the next level with reusable food storage containers.

4. Carry around utensils. If you always have a set of utensils in your bag, you don’t need to waste plastic ones at places like Chipotle. This is the set I have. It feels so good to walk past the utensils at a food establishment without even glancing.

5. Stop buying plastic toothbrushes! Electric ones are better for your dental health anyway. Currently, I’m using a Quip, and I absolutely love it. If you’re not a fan of electric, you can buy multi-packs of bamboo toothbrushes, which are the same concept as plastic toothbrushes, but much better for the environment (most of them are biodegradable!). [if you decide to try Quip, sign up with my referral link, and we each get a free brush head refill!]

6. And on that note, also stop buying single-use cotton rounds! If you use cotton pads to remove your makeup, upgrade to reusable cotton rounds, which you can find all over Amazon and Etsy. They’re super easy to wash, softer on your skin, and will save so much waste.

What are your favorite products that make sustainability easier?