Dazey Lady

Back in January, I saw that a brand I obsessively followed on Instagram, Dazey L.A., was creating an ambassador program. The application didn’t say you had to be an influencer or have thousands of followers, so I applied on a whim. I never expected to get an ambassadorship because I had about 600 Instagram followers and at that time, didn’t blog. But I got into the group and it’s been one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.

All photos from the Dazey L.A. website.

All photos from the Dazey L.A. website.

Dazey is a slow fashion, feminist brand that promotes empowerment, not only through designs but through business practices. The owner, Dani, draws all of the designs on the tees by hand and also picks other small, female-run businesses to sell on the site alongside her original designs. She also has a blog that highlights her vendors and other incredible women.

Slow fashion is a concept I’m working hard to embrace as much as possible. If a brand creates slow fashion, that means they usually handmake pieces to order, the materials are high quality, pay employers or partners fair wages, and their production does not harm the environment and creates as little waste as possible (sometimes this means a slower production process than most big brands).

Slow fashion pieces are more expensive than fast fashion (like Forever 21, H&M, etc.) and sometimes take a few weeks to get to you, but they are so much better for the environment. The movement for slow fashion, also sometimes called ethical fashion, also advocates for recycling materials and using recycled textiles, thrift shopping and other eco-friendly practices. In my opinion, buying a $40 t-shirt that was produced in an eco-friendly way and is high quality is much better than buying 4 $10 tees from a slow fashion store that has high negative environmental impact, like Forever 21.

Me rocking my favorite Dazey design, a sweatshirt that advocates speaking up for what you believe in.

Me rocking my favorite Dazey design, a sweatshirt that advocates speaking up for what you believe in.

Another thing I love about Dazey L.A. is that supporting small female-owned businesses is very important to me. Women create awesome things, and they deserve to get the attention and business. Especially women who own small businesses - I’d rather support the hustle of a small business owner than a huge company that has more than enough money already.

Dani’s designs all promote feminism, female empowerment, self-love, confidence and taking care of the planet. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, which can be rare in fashion.

And that walking the walk when it comes to female empowerment doesn’t stop at the designs. The Dazey L.A. ambassador program, which I’m luck to have been part of since its inception, is an incredibly supportive community of women (and a few men!) that encourage collaboration, not competition. I’ve made so many amazing friends and learned a lot about how to make social media a fun place instead of endlessly jealousy scrolling for hours.

I even met up with some bloggers in my area for a photoshoot and we became great friends! Follow Sarah and Alissa at Oh Honey Bee Inspired for insight from two creative, genuine, funny ladies. And major shout out to their husbands for being our photographers.

The ladies of OHBI & me!

The ladies of OHBI & me!

So - let’s recap: 1) slow, ethical fashion that is good for the planet  2) supporting a small female-owned business 3) connecting with other amazing women. Sounds pretty freakin’ good to me.

Because I’m an ambassador, I do have a discount code! You can get 10% off at Dazey with the code “NALLY.” Yes, I do get commission on this. But you also get a discount, so win-win! Shop Dazey L.A. here.

This is how I styled a Dazey tank recently. BIG thank you to my friend Yang for taking the photos, editing them and helping me style the tank.

Tank: “Positivity Please” from Dazey L.A. (also comes on a tee!) // Skirt: J.O.A, no longer available // Ankle Boots: Banana Republic, no longer available

What's your favorite ethical/slow fashion brand?