Gift Guide: Independent Artists

Supporting female-owned companies is awesome, but you know what’s even better during the holiday season? Buying gifts from independent artists!

There are so many talented, incredible artists out in the universe that it’s hard to know them all. From craft shows to Etsy shops, I’m always discovering new people who have an indescribable amount of talent. Most of these artists sell art prints and/or enamel pins, which are great gifts for literally everyone, as well as other goods like tote bags, clothing, stickers and more.

Often, major companies rip off these small designers, which is uncool in a million ways. Support artists and go directly to the source during the holidays and year ‘round! Below are just a few of my favorite artists you should shop from this holiday season.

Abbie Paulhaus

Abbie is one of my favorite artists right now - I discovered her work at a craft fair over the summer and have been obsessed ever since. She has a super positive Instagram presence and her art has all the pop culture references and pretty colors I need. From enamel pins and t-shirts to art prints and greeting cards, Abbie’s shop has something cute for everyone. She also has a great deal on art prints - if you use the code “ONEFREE,” you can buy two, get the third free when you buy 8x8 or 8x10 prints.

My picks: “Open Hearts Club” enamel pin [my newest purchase from Abbie!] (currently on sale for $8.50), “Stay Curious” print (currently on sale for $12.75), Weekly Meal Planner notepad (currently on sale for $11.05), “Self Care Sunday” print ($15), A.A. Milne “Grand Adventure” print (currently on sale for $12.75), Abstract Rust & Mustard t-shirt (currently on sale for $35.70)

City Heat by Heather Morgan

Do you want to give the gift of bold, stylish, feminist art this season? City Heat is the Etsy shop to start with. Heather Morgan, the artist, is not only someone I consider a friend, but she is a fierce presence on social media with amazing self-portraits. In her shop, Heather sells gorgeous paintings and illustrations mainly created with ink and watercolor. I have quite a few of Heather’s prints in my room and I’m obsessed with all of them. Take a peek and you will be too.

My picks: “Gold Flower” art print ($7-10.50), “Manifest” art print ($7-10.50), Custom Ink Illustration - couples, portraits, pets, etc. ($34+), Handmade “Body Positivity” stickers ($5.18)

Kate Gabrielle

Kate is one of my favorite bloggers and she makes a lot of cool pastel flair. Most of her products are pop culture or Old Hollywood-inspired and they’re all hand-designed. Everything matches Kate’s personal aesthetic: vintage, glam, feminine and kitschy. I have one of her X-Files pins and it’s my favorite pin I own!

My picks: Book Fair Kit - Baby Sitters Club edition ($15), “I Like To Do Nothing..” enamel pin ($10), ‘Clever Girl’ dinosaur patch ($10), X-Files Christmas ornament ($14.99)

The Uncommon Place

Katie, the artist behind The Uncommon Place, has beautiful retro-inspired designs. She sells enamel pins, art prints and more on Etsy and good with her photography printed on them through Society6.

My picks: Mod Rainbow enamel keychain ($18), Marigold carry-all pouch ($15.99-25.99), Mid-Century House enamel pin ($12), “Stay In Your Magic” art print ($25)

Stonehouse Goods

Stonehouse Goods sells handmade items and handpicked vintage, but with a unique twist I don’t see often with online shops: all of the handmade goods, and some of the vintage ones, are colored with natural dyes. The artist, Elizabeth, posts on her Instagram story and shows the behind of the scenes of creating her dyes, like a pot of avocado pits being turned into a light pink dye. All of the items are beautiful and I love that she hand-dyes everything. Hand-dyeing is an art form, in my opinion.

My picks: Handmade black plaid scrunchie ($8), Hand Dyed “Market Tote” in sage ($24)

Shop RWD by Rachel Whitehurst

Rachel is someone I’ve followed on the internet for about 10 years! She used to be a Youtuber, then a podcaster (along with her boyfriend, Chris) and now she balances the podcast with selling watercolor paintings and polymer clay home goods. Her art is minimal and very beautiful - it will work in any space. In her Etsy shop, she has phone backgrounds, magnets and art prints, and in her Society6 shop, you can but her art on home and kitchen goods.

My picks: Amethyst Watercolor Print - 8.5x11 ($10), Avocado Cutting Board ($25), Gingerbread Candy Cane Cookie Magnet ($10), “In The Trees” mug ($15.99)


Vichcraft is a one-woman art studio in Chicago. The brand’s aesthetic is gothic glam meets hand lettering heaven. It’s the perfect art for the hell-raising intersectional feminist in your life.

My picks: “Girls To The Front” tote bag ($20), “Sacred Heart” patch ($8), “Forget That You’re A Lady” t-shirt ($28), "Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum” print ($15)