My Glossier Favorites

Glossier. The brand (literally) on everyone’s lips.

It didn’t take me long to catch onto the hype and buy the Generation G lipstick. I’ll admit it, I wanted to have the “effortless, makeup-free” look all the Glossier models sport. While I don’t think their products can give you that look automatically (if you have acne or dark under eye circles, you might need extra reinforcements), but those ads did make me embrace a lighter, more sparse makeup routine in general. Seeing the models looks gorgeous without much visible makeup inspired me to go without eyeliner more often.

An encouraging mirror at the SF pop-up. I was not rocking the makeup-free look that night.

An encouraging mirror at the SF pop-up. I was not rocking the makeup-free look that night.

A few months ago, I attended the Glossier pop-up shop in San Francisco (photos below). The atmosphere was fun and the employees were extremely knowledgeable. It was also cool to see the products in person, because the downside of Glossier only being available online is that you can’t test out the products or see the shades for yourself. The feminine, minimal vibe was starkly different from what I’m used to in Sephora or the MAC store and I liked that. Open a permanent store in SF, please!!

Now, onto the products I’ve used. I’m not a beauty expert, so these are just opinions based on my experience.

Generation G lipstick ($18)

I love this lip product because it gives a subtle wash of color perfect for an everyday look. I love the bold pigmented lips I get from a lipstick or liquid lipstick, but sometimes, I want to keep it low-key. This product is also really light, so you can’t feel it on your lips at all, which I can’t say about any other product I have, even lip balm. My only gripe with this product is that the first tube I bought broke pretty quickly. It’s not very durable. I still use the busted tube because I hate waste, but it’s a lot harder to use.

I have the color “Like,” but want to try deeper shades like “Zip” and “Jam” next.

Stretch Concealer ($18)

This product is newer to my roster and it’s a great concealer. I find it to be fairly sheer coverage, but on days where I’ve slept well the night before, I can sometimes get away with just this under my eyes. On an average day, it’s great for covering small blemishes. I also like to throw this on when I go hiking or am only leaving the house for errands just so I feel a little more put together and less like a zombie. It’s not cakey, which can be a problem with a lot of concealers. I wear the shade “Light,” but I imagine if I was a person of color this wouldn’t be a good fit for me because the shade range is very limited.

Moisturizing Moon Mask ($22)

This mask is fantastic. I feel like most of the masks I own are aimed towards clarifying, purifying, etc. and not just moisturizing - I just use moisturizers for that. I love this mask because I literally see it sink into my skin while it’s on. I put on a thick layer, go about my business for a while, and when I come back to wash it off, there’s less product on my face and by the color, I can tell it sank into the skin. In contrast to masks that harden and you then have to scrub off, this one is gentle and washes off easily. I can’t recommend it enough!


Mega Green Galaxy Pack ($22)

This green mask has clay, which is awesome for clearing out your pores. It goes on very smoothly and feels refreshing. I like this mask a lot and my skin always feels great afterwards! The ingredient list is impressive and packed with antioxidants, which is always a plus.

Super Glow Serum ($28)

This serum is supposed to brighten and even your skin tone, but I haven’t noticed it making much of a difference. I was using it a few times a week but wasn’t seeing results, so I stopped. Honestly, this product may not be a good fit for me - I have pretty bright and evenly toned skin already. I also don’t feel that it’s worth the price. However, just because this serum hasn’t been beneficial for me doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else.

Cloud Paint ($18)

These are my most recent purchase and I am IN LOVE! Blush has always scared me because the first few times I attempted to use a powder blush, I way overdid it and looked like a clown. I didn’t feel like I needed blush that much, but a friend recently mentioned to me that because I’m so pale, blush would really add more color and life to my face (she said this in a very kind way, no hard feelings). I ordered two cloud paints and immediately started wearing blush everyday. These are so lightweight and blendable that it’s almost impossible to wear too much. I currently use “Dusk” and “Beam.”

I’ve also gotten quite a few samples of the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturizer and I like the formulas, but they didn’t rock my world enough for me to buy full-size products. The next Glossier products I want to try are Balm Dotcom and the Invisible Shield sunscreen.

Also, I have a discount for you! My lovely instafriend Erin works for Glossier and if you shop through her link, you can get 20% off your first order (discount code applied at checkout). You should also follow her on Instagram for great Glossier content! [Disclaimer: None of my reviews reflect Erin’s opinions and I am not getting anything in return for promoting her link. I just wanted to spread the love and offer a better discount than the 10% link any customer can share.]

I hope you enjoyed these reviews! What’s your favorite Glossier product?