Photo Diary: Jordan

My friends and I went to Jordan through a tour with the Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv. It was a great tour and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go to Jordan. Our guide made crossing the border simple and stress-free, and everything from food to accommodation was covered under the tour price.


Jerash is one of the most complete sets of Roman ruins in the world (maybe the most, I’m not sure). Walking around to see a city that has mostly survived major earthquakes was incredible. I also felt a bit like I was in Hercules, especially that scene where he [spoiler alert] ruins the marketplace trying to catch a discus.

Jerash 7.JPG


We spent the day in Petra, which was a good amount of time, but we still didn’t get to see everything. My friends and I walked to the Treasury with our tour group, then we all split up and we went to the tombs, then hiked to the lookout point. If you want to learn more about Petra’s history and visiting it, check out the official website.

This is the main attraction - the Treasury building. I took these while standing in front of it, and it was so tall I had to throw my head all the way back to see the top. You can’t go inside, so I don’t know how deep it goes back, but I can only imagine.

Petra 3.JPG
Petra 6.JPG

And these are from the lookout spot! We had to buy a drink to get inside this local’s tent and sit on this blanket, but damn was it worth the 3 Jordanian Dinar for fresh pomegranate juice. Probably one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen.

Petra 18.JPG

The tombs were cool, but not as much was intact over here, so it didn’t have the same overpowering impact the Treasury did. The colors and patterns in the rocks were awesome, which may be nerdy, but I don’t care. ROCKS ROCK!

Petra 8.JPG
Petra 21.JPG

This is the same building at the beginning of the trail, but the first photo was taken on our way in when it was cloudy, and the last was taken as we were leaving.

Petra 14.JPG
Petra 13.JPG

We also walked around the ruins of a temple and it made me feel a bit like Indiana Jones. I guess movies are my only reference points for stuff built before the 1900s.

As a bonus, we encountered many cute animals in Petra. The puppy had some siblings and a mama, and the cat was one of two at the lookout point. Camels, Donkeys and horses were available for tourists to ride. None of the other cats and dogs we saw were strays - they belong to the locals and roam around during the day. They get fed and they’re taken care of, which is all I care about. I’m a little bitter that I couldn’t take home the pup above, who I named Rocky, but I will eventually recover.

Wadi Rum

Our last stop in Jordan was the Wadi Rum desert. We rode through the sand in truck beds, climbed a few dunes, and learned about how people traveled through the desert a long time ago. It was really cool! And to tie every place in Jordan to a movie, it did feel like being on Tatooine or Jakku (Star Wars). Wadi Rum is actually a popular filming location - two Star Wars films (Rogue One and the upcoming Part IX) have been filmed there, as have a handful of other movies, like The Martian, Lawrence of Arabia, and the upcoming live-action Aladdin. So I’ve been to a real Star Wars planet. It’s casual.

Actually, I have been to more than one Star Wars planet! George Lucas wrote Star Wars in the town over from mine, and used the Redwood National & State Park in NorCal as the planet Endor in the original trilogy. Maybe my travel bucket list should be Star Wars locations? These people did it.

… anyway, back to the photos.

I made a camel friend! Even though I didn’t ride him, we bonded. My time in Jordan was brief, but it was fun.