Queer Jams and Podcasts To Listen To

I always actively listen to queer musicians, but in honor of Pride month, I wanted to seek out even more musicians who identify as LGBTQ+ and share their music!

I felt like all the music that was mainstream when I was growing up was very heterosexual - boy and girl fall in love, or man cheats on woman, or girl is in love with boy but he doesn’t love her back - unless it was by one of the few gay men who hit it big, like Elton John. Music has always been a constant thing to me, I can’t do anything in silence. My iPod was my most-prized possession when I was younger and I was always finding new music and exploring new genres.

Just like with many experiences from my childhood that lacked representation, the music I loved subtly enforced heterosexual norms. If I had heard “Girls Like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko when I was 17, it would have been revolutionary for me.

I created two queer playlists recently to put all my favorite queer artists together, because a lot of Pride playlists are full of songs that the LGBTQ+ community loves, but the artists are actually straight. These two playlists are solely to support the queers making music.

My first playlist is songs by all kinds of queer artists. It’s mostly new music, but there are some older songs on there.

My second playlist is just songs by women and non-binary musicians - I think everyone on here is actually female-identifying, but I would love to add more variety and didn’t want to the playlist title to be too narrow.

On the spirit of queer stuff to listen to, I also wanted to quickly mention a few of my favorite podcasts that are LGBTQ-centric:

  • Making Gay History - This podcast tells stories of the queer icons that fought for the visibility and rights we have today. I learned a lot about the icons of LGBTQ+ history through this podcast and I’m so glad it exists.

  • Crooked Minis - This podcast is not always about queer issues, but this month, it focuses on LGBTQ+ representation on screen and is hosted by Tre’vell Anderson, the Culture and Entertainment Director for Out Magazine.

  • Nancy - Two friends discuss the modern queer experience and interview queer guests from all walks of life.

  • Queery - Queery inspired my Ask A Queer series! Comedian Cameron Esposito has a conversation with a different queer public figure in each episode. The conversations are very organic and cover topics like coming out, creating safe spaces, and more.

  • Keep It! - This podcast is actually about pop culture, but two of the three hosts are gay men and they do discuss queer issues and have queer guests often. Also, let’s be real, if you’re queer you probably love pop culture and drama and therefore will love this podcast.

Who are your favorite queer musicians? What queer podcasts do you like?