Random Favorites: Jan./Feb. 2019

It’s time to start a random favorites series on this blog! This will most likely be a bi-monthly thing where I share some of the products, books, tv shows and other miscellaneous things I’m enjoying. Why not, right?

[All images belong to the brands/creators, not to me.]

[All images belong to the brands/creators, not to me.]

1. Hydro Flask water bottle

I know I’m the last person on the planet to buy one of these, but they’re great. I bought the 24 oz. standard mouth bottle in black, which I’m aware is wildly unique. It’s wonderful to have a bottle I can toss in my bag, because for the last few years I’ve been using a tumbler with a straw, which has to be upright or it will leak. The only downside to this new bottle is that I drink way more with a straw, so I need to modify my water-drinking habits and make sure I drink as much with this bottle type.

2. Sigfus Designs earrings

I mentioned this brand in one of my gift guides and I have been trying to decide which pair to order since then. I love them all, but couldn’t justify buying multiple pairs of statement earrings when I all I wear now is black for work, so I finally decided on a pair this month: the Santa Fe dangles in black.

3. Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream

The one thing I will always invest in is skincare. If the moisturizer I love is $48, I will not try to find a cheaper alternative. This one is my newest favorite - I had been seeing the brand all over Instagram and was on the hunt for a new moisturizer with hyaluronic acid because the one I’d been using (and loved very much) was not cruelty-free. I originally bought a mini set that also included a cleanser and was immediately in love with the moisturizer. I then bought the mini set again for travel, so in about a week when I run out, I’ll definitely be buying the full size.

4. Archer & Olive Crescent Moon Dot Grid Notebook

I bought this notebook to use as my 2019 bullet journal and it’s been amazing so far. The pages are much thicker than any other notebook I’ve used, so I can play with any kind of pens I want and they won’t bleed through.

5. Fur Oil

Another product I saw on Instagram and finally bought is Fur Oil. It’s an oil blend for body hair, specifically ingrown hairs, which I’ve made some struggles with lately. I’ve only used it a few times and I’m already a big fan.

Also, when you buy a bottle, the brand sends you a discount code, so if you use my code, you get $10 off your purchase and I get $10 off my next purchase! Which is a really awesome deal - most brands let customers refer each other to get 10% off, which almost never amounts to a full $10.

6. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Like many people, I miss the Obamas. I was so excited when Michelle revealed she was writing a book, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. She has an intimate writing style that makes you feel like you’re in the room with her from her childhood to the White House. Even though I read the book, I felt like I could hear her saying each and every word. I’ve been recommending this to everyone I speak to since I finished it.

What are your current favorite things?