Rebrand: Welcome to Rebel & Radiate

Welcome to a new twist on a [less than year old] classic! “Nally Blogs” is now “Rebel and Radiate.” Here’s the 411 on my new brand:

Why I decided to rebrand

When I first started this blog, I discussed how I was taking a relaxed approach to blogging and how this blog was not my first rodeo. I also said:

“My perception of blogging was that it could only be successful if you choose one topic and stuck to it. If I wanted a fashion blog, I couldn’t also talk about new movies I’d seen or the book I was reading or why I was so stressed out during a certain semester. The idea that no one will care about your blog if it doesn’t focus solely on one topic is so wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of successful blogs that I love that focus on one topic, like fashion. But there is so much room in between for blogs that want to mix and match.”

While I still believe this to be true, I actually found a niche I wanted to slide into without intending to. My original plan was to just write about whatever I wanted to, but over the last few months, I have developed an increasing interest in sustainable and intentional living.

For the past year, I have been transitioning into only buying cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. I started following a lot of people on social media who talk about cruelty-free beauty, and through some of these people I also learned more about sustainable living practices - reusable food containers, using metal straws, etc. I have also started to learn more about ethical fashion and have been making more of an effort to thrift or purchase ethical fashion and accessories over supporting fast fashion. I’ve also been working for a natural wellness store since August, and have learned a lot from my co-workers about how to live a healthier and more sustainable life. As I continue to implement these lifestyle changes, I want to shift my blog focus to that journey.

I know that sustainable living is very trendy, which I am grateful for, because it has caused me to learn so much more about the topic. It can be an expensive change to make, so I want to share all my tips and tricks as I learn how to change my habits. I also want to share more about intersectional feminism and activism, because these are major parts of living a more intentional life. And they’re important to me!

So welcome to Rebel & Radiate, a blog dedicated to rebelling against discrimination, wastefulness and fear, and radiating positivity, intersectionality, curiosity and awareness.

This is a rebrand, but also just a brand, since I didn’t have one before. I just had to jump in and start blogging to find it.

What will change and what won’t

My blog name, my URL (soon!), my “about” page and a few other things on the site will change. I have a logo and some branding now, which I will explain in a moment. My content will change slightly as I shift my focus to sustainable living so my posts will be a little less random.

I will no longer promote or discuss any products or brands that are not cruelty-free or ethical. So I won’t be doing fashion related-posts like my awards show one unless all the options are ethical/slow fashion. But I will be doing more thrifting content! I also will make sure that any sponsored content I do on social media fits those standards and I will be extra mindful of what campaigns I accept. When it comes to sponsored posts or ambassador programs, I am already very purposeful about what I chose and only recommend things I like.

The core values of my new brand are honesty and transparency, which I do feel I already have on this blog. As always, I will say when something includes an affiliate link and when something was gifted to me. Rebel & Radiate is all about keeping it real - not that my previous blog wasn’t, I just have clearer intentions now.

Another main goal of my new brand is quality over quantity. While I stand behind the quality of all my past content, I definitely was making sure I has 2 posts a week. I felt that in the beginning stages of my blog, it was important to have consistent posting of new content. I will most likely scale back to posting once a week, on Tuesdays, instead of twice a week of Tuesdays and Sundays. Every once and awhile, I may skip a week or two, but I believe that blogging is an important platform and I don’t want to invest all my focus on Instagram, which could be irrelevant in a few years. Since I started this blog, I feel like I’ve been investing 60% of my energy into Instagram and 40% into my blog - I’d like to make that ratio 50/50 instead.

Mood board by  & She’s Brave.

Mood board by & She’s Brave.

The new look

For the rebrand, I knew I needed an official logo and a little facelift. I turned to Lizzie over at & She’s Brave for help. Lizzie is an Instagram pal of mine and she has both an eye for amazing aesthetics and a knack for branding.

I couldn’t have asked for better. Lizzie picked up exactly what I was going for based on my Pinterest board and the client questionnaire she had me fill out. She seriously nailed it. It was like she read my mind!

Lizzie created a moodboard, logo and sub-logo, Pinterest graphics and blog post assets for me. I’m so glad she understood exactly what I was going for with the Rebel & Radiate brand. With her help, I can make the plans and goals I have for this new blog a reality.

Branding by  & She’s Brave.

Branding by & She’s Brave.