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5 Tips For Thrifting On Apps

Thrift shopping is my favorite way to get new clothing. Giving new life to piece of clothing that still has years of wear left in it is a great way to update your closet while staying sustainable. One great way to start secondhand shopping is with some of the many apps, websites and instagram shops out there. Online thrifting is an especially great way to shop if you don’t have access to a car or live in an area without many good thrift stores. I especially love Poshmark and Depop.

However, shopping online or with an app presents a major problem for many of us: you can’t try the clothing on! And with many apps and sites, you can’t return or exchange items. As a seasoned online thrifter, I’ve rounded up some tips for how to find great pieces that will fit you well even if you can’t try them on.

How Do You Resell Thrifted Clothes?

Thrifting, while both trendy and affordable, is extremely time-consuming. Some people don’t want to spend the time going through endless Goodwill racks, some feel like they never strike gold at the thrift store and some say the thrift stores near them are far and few between. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck, because there are others who have done all the hard work for you.

Tips & Tricks For Thrift Shopping

I love thrifting. I’ve worn thrifted pieces to major events, like my college graduation and my best friend’s father’s wedding. More than half of my closet is thrifted, and I’m trying to get it to 80-100% thrifted in the near future. Some of my favorite items of clothing are the ones I had to dig for in a secondhand or consignment store.

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I thrift, my tips and tricks, and what I wish I knew starting out, as well as answer some questions I got on Instagram with the help of a few friends!

Thrifting Q&A: Lucy the Thrift Goddess

Thrift shopping has gotten more popular lately, but for some people, it’s not just a buzzword or a way to get the most trendy clothes, but a hobby. Hardcore thrifters are dedicated and they thrift often - because truly successful thrift shopping is about patience and strategy. The hunt of a thrift trip is exciting, especially if you’re passionate about fashion and style, like my friend Lucy. Lucy’s approach to thrifting inspires me because she is a very smart thrifter and plays with fashion in a creative way, mixing thrifted designer pieces with graphic tees from Target.

Cacti & Strawberries

You know how sometimes you put an outfit together and then a whole concept comes into your head? First came the dress (thank you, Madewell sale), then I saw the location on Instagram, and the bag brought it all together.

Tan France is My Style Icon

I saw this shirt at my favorite local thrift store and immediately knew I had to have it because of who it reminds me of: Tan France from Queer Eye and Hayley Kiyoko. It was the perfect Pride Month thrift find - and it was only $9! NINE dollars.

Cherry on Top

Ever see a dress and go, “Okay, I HAVE to have that”?

When I saw this dress at Forever 21, I decided that no matter what, it would be mine. Not only because I’m a sucker for dresses, but because of the pattern.

Dazey Lady

Dazey is a slow fashion, feminist brand that promotes empowerment, not only through designs but through business practices. The owner, Dani, draws all of the designs on the tees by hand and also picks other small, female-run businesses to sell on the site alongside her original designs.